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When it comes to controlled substances and narcotics, Texas has one of the strictest laws among all states in the union. While other states have been relaxing their laws and decriminalizing marijuana possession and use, Texas has maintained its zero-tolerance policy towards marijuana.

If drug charges have been brought against you by the state of Texas, procuring the services of a competent Houston criminal defense lawyer that is well-versed in navigating and mounting a strong defense for criminal drug charges becomes a must. Retaining an experienced Houston drug charges lawyer like Joaquin Jimenez can give you a fighting chance to drastically reduce jail time, if not get those charges dismissed altogether.

Drug Possession Laws in Houston


Possessing illegal drugs is considered a crime in Texas that is punishable with hefty fines and significant jail time. The state classifies controlled substances and narcotics into four different categories which determine the specific penalties imposed on a convicted person.

Group 1 – These are common hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, meth, and psychoactive mushrooms, among others.

Group 2 – Marijuana and its derivatives along with other known party drugs such as Ecstasy and MDMA belong to this group.

Group 3 – This group houses Anabolic steroids, Benzodiazepines, Ritalin, Valium, Xanax, and other prescription drugs.

Group 4 – This group is a catch-all for all opiates and opioids not found in the previous groups as well as other substances that have potential for being abused.

Drug Possession Penalties

As mentioned above, the penalties for the possession of illegal substances are largely informed by their classification in the groups discussed. Possessing even less than a gram of the majority of the illegal substances and narcotics under Group 1 and Group 2 is considered a state jail felony. The threshold amount of controlled substance to warrant a 1st-degree felony is 400 grams for Groups 1 and 2.
For controlled substances falling under Groups 3 and 4, possession of under 28 grams is considered a Class A misdemeanor. The penalty becomes graver as the amount of the illegal substance caught in possession increases up to the threshold of 400 grams which constitutes a 1st-degree felony. In the case of Marijuana possession, being caught with less than 2 ounces is considered a Class B misdemeanor while the upper threshold to warrant a 1st-degree felony is 2,000 pounds.

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If you or anyone you know has been arrested and charged with drug charges, you should immediately engage the services of an experienced Houston criminal lawyer such as Joaquin Jimenez to ensure that all the legal remedies afforded to you by the law are fully exhausted. This includes ensuring that Fourth Amendment rights were not violated and the chain of custody of evidence has been maintained. Joaquin Jimenez is the voice of those who need a fighting chance. 

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