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Next to trains, buses are the most efficient form of public transportation and are also quite affordable. Buses can accommodate many passengers, outnumbering sedan-type vehicles by a factor of almost 10. Buses, as a form of public transportation, can also easily utilize the existing road networks without requiring further development from the government. Since there are more buses than trains, this also means that the trips are more frequent and thus more convenient for more travelers. Such are the features of a bus as a form of transportation, which is why it is used to ferry passengers along routes, transport students from home to school and back, and lastly also utilized by teams and other people that travel as a group.
However, accidents involving passenger buses can be very devastating compared to smaller motor vehicles. Because it carries more than 10 passengers, the risk of serious physical injury and sometimes even fatalities is tremendously multiplied. This is also complicated by the fact that a significant number of buses do not have the necessary safety implements such as lap-type and 3-point seatbelts and airbags. Even in buses that do have such safety equipment, passengers may forget to or just outright refuse to wear them.

Personal Injury Claims for Houston Bus Accidents


If you are someone you know has been involved in a bus accident that resulted in injuries or fatality, you may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim. With an experienced and competent personal injury lawyer such as Joaquin Jimenez, you have a good chance of securing compensation after a bus accident. Depending on the circumstances of the accident and its effect on you, you can file a claim for the following damages:

medical expenses

property damage

loss of income

pain and suffering

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Being involved in a motor vehicle crash can be a very stressful situation. Aside from the physical injuries one has sustained, a cloud of doubt also hangs over an individual’s mind because of the resulting loss of income and potentially back-breaking cost of hospitalization and ensuing physical therapy. Securing the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer may not seem like a priority at this time, but it is essential to ensuring that you get the proper compensation due to the damages you have and willcontinue to experience. 

Joaquin Jimenez is a Houston personal injury lawyer that can give you a fighting chance. As an experienced personal injury lawyer, he can make sure that he gets you the best positive outcome in the form of a full compensation for the injuries you have sustained. Do not delay– call us now, and let us fight for you.

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