A drunk driver likely to get involved in an accident.

Did You Sustain a DWI Car Accident?

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DWI) is a criminal offense in the state of Texas. Houston car accidents resulting from DWI violations can lead to damages to property, personal injury, and loss of life. This is why the state of Texas is strict when it comes to enforcing laws against DWI. If you or anyone you know has been involved in a Houston DWI car accident then it is crucial that you immediately acquire the representation of a Houston car accident lawyer.

Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Representing a DWI Accident Victim

If you or someone you know has been a victim in a Houston DWI accident then it is advisable to hire a Houston car accident lawyer. An experienced Houston personal injury lawyer can help you to properly understand your rights and guide you through the process of filing a claim from compensation so you can focus on getting well and recovering from your injuries.

A competent lawyer will gather in a timely manner all the necessary evidence that will help with your claims process. They can also negotiate a settlement—a skill that most of usually do not have—on your behalf or take your case to court if necessary

Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Advocating for a DWI Driver Involved in an Accident

On the other side of the fence, the services of a Houston DWI lawyer are equally crucial to an alleged DWI driver involved in an accident. A Houston car accident lawyer can help an alleged DWI driver on the following:

  • Advising the client on his or her legal rights and responsibilities, including the potential criminal and civil consequence they are facing.
  • Negotiating with the prosecution on behalf of the client to have the charges reduced or dismissed before they are filed.
  • Representing the driver should he or she decide to take the case to trial.
  • Advising the client on any possible plea deals should the prosecution exhibit a strong case.
  • Helping with other legal issues such as insurance claims

Let an Experienced Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Fight for You

DWI accident cases, contrary to popular belief, are not open-and-shut cases. One could do well by immediately consulting a competent Houston personal injury lawyer when one is involved in a DWI accident, either as a victim or as a rider. Securing the services of a competent lawyer like Joaquin Jimenez can help you get a positive outcome. Joaquin Jimenez commits to protecting and advocating for your rights. Call us now and let Joaquin Jimenez fight for you.

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