Car and 18-wheeler truck involved in an accident.

The Differences Between Car and 18-Wheeler Accidents in Houston

Houston car accidents and 18-wheeler accidents are two distinct types of personal injury cases that require different considerations when it comes to legal matters. If you have been involved in a car accident or an 18-wheeler truck accident, then you may be entitled to a financial settlement. In this article, our Houston car accident lawyer will explain the differences between the two and highlight the importance of how a specialized Houston personal injury lawyer can get you the positive outcome you desire.

Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses the Legal Nuances Between Car and 18-Wheeler Accidents

Difference in Liabilities

When it comes to determining liability, car accidents and 18-wheeler accidents vary significantly. In Houston car accidents, liability often falls upon the at-fault driver. However, Houston 18-wheeler accidents involve complex liability issues that extend beyond just the truck driver. Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyers understand that the trucking company, vehicle manufacturer, maintenance personnel, or even the cargo loading company could potentially share liability in these cases. This expanded range of liable parties necessitates the expertise of specialized Houston personal injury lawyers who can navigate through the complexities of 18-wheeler accidents.

Difference in Procedure

The procedures involved in handling car accidents and Houston 18-wheeler accidents also differ. In Houston car accidents, the process typically involves filing an insurance claim, negotiating with insurance companies, and potentially pursuing legal action if a fair settlement cannot be reached. Conversely, 18-wheeler accidents often require a more extensive investigation.

Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyers work alongside accident reconstruction experts to collect evidence, analyze data from the truck's black box, examine skid marks, and interview witnesses. This meticulous approach is necessary to build a strong case against all responsible parties. Litigation may be required to ensure the positive outcome for the victims of 18-wheeler accidents, making the involvement of a specialized Houston personal injury lawyer crucial in these situations.

Difference in Applicable Laws

While both fall under personal injury law, 18-wheeler accidents involve additional regulations due to the commercial trucking industry's unique nature. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) establishes regulations governing various aspects of the trucking industry to ensure safety on the roads.

Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyers possess in-depth knowledge of these federal regulations, including those pertaining to driver qualifications, hours of service, truck maintenance, and cargo securement. On the other hand, Houston car accidents lawyers primarily rely on state traffic laws. Understanding these differences allows specialized Houston personal injury lawyers to navigate the legal landscape more effectively and secure the financial settlement they deserve.

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